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"I Still Believe" 
Kingdom Impact Challenge
BELIEVE in Who God Says YOU Are.  Discover Your CALLING For Your Life & Business.  
"I Still Believe" Kingdom Impact Challenge
BELIEVE in Who God Says YOU Are.
Discover Your CALLING For Your Life & Business. 

Establish Your Spiritual Foundation:
• BELIEVE in Who God Says You Are
• DISCOVER Your CALLING For Life & Business

 * Time Sensitive: Our 7-Day LIVE Experiential & Interactive Challenge Will Deepen Your Belief in Who God Says You Are, Help You Discover Your Calling,  Launch Into Fast Action.

Live Challenge Starts February 1st!

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Deepen Your Belief  &  Spiritual Growth During These Uncertain Times
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Dear Christ Centered Entrepreneur,
2020...unlike any other year we have seen in our lifetime!  Right?  

Today, as you are reading this page, our world we live in seems pretty divided and in utter confusion.  The enemy is doing his job... creating chaos.  Well that ends today! 

This Challenge is just the thing WE need as a nation, as a community of Kingdom Impactors to RISE UP to BE THE CHANGE...Together!   

I BELIEVE God is calling us, His children, to UNITE and let out the calling He has for each one of us....for YOU to impact your home, your career and your community!  Will you join us?
Last year God put a vision in my heart to share the message  "My Identity is in Jesus Christ, not in my circumstances!"  Then I found and tapped into Nick and Megan Unsworth's trainings, which propelled me to put on a FREE 13 day online Summit with 20 Christian Leaders sharing how to LIVE FROM our identity in Christ at Home, Work and Community.
The outcome of that Summit is why you are here today.... TO BE a part of this "I Still Believe" Kingdom Impact Challenge...'s FREE to attend and you will be equipped to....

Stand firm on the four rocks...Faith, Provision, Believe, and Achieve.
(we will uncover those rocks during the Challenge!)

When you have a clear vision, you’ll find that others will rally behind you and you’ll even attract the resources you need to achieve it.  

During the Challenge, you’ll create your 12 month “I Still Believe” Roadmap with us and then launch into fast action to achieve it.
Imagine the Feeling of “FREEDOM” & "OPPORTUNITY" & "CALLING"...

when you are in momentum living God’s purpose for your life…
THAT is Why I say "Faith + Provision + Believe = Achieve"
Can you relate to this next statement?  

I used to be “stuck” before and it was due to a lack of clarity in my vision. Without clarity, it’s hard to get into action, isn’t it?

No more floating through life accidentally, not ON PURPOSE!

Proverbs 29:18 - NIV
Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint;
    but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.
Having coached hundreds of families and individuals, I have witnessed the "light bulb" moments when my clients see beyond the struggle to the victory God is calling them towards.

The reality is we cannot OUTPERFORM our BELIEF!  Time to break through the LIMITING beliefs holding you back from GREATNESS!

So now it’s your turn to create YOUR success story with us. The big question is…
Are You Up For The Challenge?  Ready to strengthen your BELIEF?
This Challenge will take work and a desire to push through.  It’s not for everyone.  You are here now for a I believe this is for YOU.  
This Community will be comprised of Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Service Professionals And…
Anyone with a burning desire to build a business online that glorifies God while creating more success, more freedom, and a great lifestyle.
Reaching the masses online is the new normal where YOU can have a thriving successful business that you LOVE and ENJOY while creating eternal impact...even in this economy.
You Don’t Have to do it Alone Anymore…We are in this together!

Where there is no guidance the people fall,
But in an abundance of counselors there is victory
~ Proverbs 11:14

See you at the Challenge...and bring a buddy with you!
Rob Lohman

Meet my totally awesome family!

Past Events Hosted by Rob

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The A.R.T. of Intervention Project

Brotherhood of Men Event in Denver, CO

What others say about working with Rob...

George Boadu
Entrepreneur, Kingdom Builder, Family Man

Words cannot express my appreciation to you for your support and availability. Whenever I call you have been there for me. You directed me to set up my virtual summit and your advises was all that I need to breakthrough any obstacle. You inspired me to know I am capable and nothing is beyond me. Thank you so much Rob Lohman. I appreciate you. God bless you.

What Others Are Saying About Rob...

Sharon Rogles
Entrepreneur, Upcoming Podcaster

Thank you Rob for helping me to better understand & figure out the techy side of my business. Everything from different programs like Spreaker, Streamyard, podcasting and payments with Clickfunnels, Stripe and more. It's great to have someone whose "been there" to help save my time and my brain! I appreciate it!"

Christine D. François
Entrepreneur, Producer & Host, Tall Tails Podcast

As someone very new to the world of podcasting, the technical aspects, especially that of editing the recordings felt a bit daunting. Rob was very responsive to my outreach for help and graciously agreed to a Zoom meeting with me. While still a steep learning curve, his technical support that evening and overall encouragement have gone a long way in making my editing experience that much more navigable.
Our 7-day live virtual EXPERIENTIAL coaching will help make sure your...
Calling Becomes Reality
Top 7 Things To Discover:
  • The Power of "I AM" Statements to OVERCOME limiting beliefs.
  • Rising up from the "RUTS" of Life and firmly establish a NEW foundation for life.
  • The Value in Discovering Your "TRIBE" to establish SUPPORTIVE Communities
  • Live FROM your Identity in Jesus Christ to achieve SUCCESS at Home, Work & Community
  • Step Into Your Calling & Grow Your Business in 2021 to unleash God's vision for your life
  • ​The Importance making Mental Health a priority throughout the day
  • ​​Experience the Healing Power of Music to see breakthroughs & ACHIEVE your desired Success 
*First Come, First Served*
* Limited Space on Live Sessions!
What Makes The Challenge So Impactful?
  •  The Challenge: to clarify God's vision, design a strategic roadmap, and create your "I Still Believe" & Will Achieve Vision Board & Victory Playlist!
  • Experiential Coaching: go All-In throughout the 7-days so that you're living for total Kingdom Impact!  The POWER of the letter "I". 
  • Discover, Launch & Grow Your Business in 2021:  Learn how to increase Your Belief, how to Resource Up & create lasting impact.
  • Personal Coaching: Rob + Special Guests
  • Live From Your Identity: Stand firm on the four rocks...Faith, Provision, Believe, & Achieve.
Faith + Provision + Believe = Achieve
  • Create Your "I Still Believe" & Will Achieve Vision Board to post in your NEW Prayer Room and get into action with us!
  • Create Your Victory Playlist to overcome limiting beliefs!
  • Faith: confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see
  • Provision: do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on.
  • Believe: you cannot outperform your belief!
"I Still Believe" 
Kingdom Impact Challenge
(7 Day Virtual Coaching Experience)
100% FREE!!
Here's What  You Are Receiving Today...
  • 7 LIVE VIRTUAL COACHING SESSIONS WITH Rob + Special Guests ($1,500 value):  Learn to apply the proven system so you can step into God's vision for your life & build a Strategic Legacy Roadmap to achieve SUCCESS at home, work and in your community..
  • ACCESS TO ALL SESSION RECORDINGS ($300.00 value): Giving you access to the training each day from anywhere at any time on any device.
  • ​BREAKTHROUGH ACTION SHEETS ($250.00 value): Small breakthroughs, over time, create sustainable momentum ..... taking you places you never thought possible.  Expect miracles during this Challenge.  
  • ​​DAILY MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGES ($250.00 value): Be encouraged and motivated as you receive DAILY with Worship Songs sent directly to your phones!  These will inspire you to "Be Still" and reflect on the powerful messages to hear what God is speaking to your hearts!  
  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE "I STILL BELIEVE" SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY : This is NOT JUST a CHALLENGE, but ACCESS to a lifelong family and a limitless networking opportunities and encouragement.  
This entire system would normally be $1,797.00 (and worth every penny). But, since you took action and landed on this page right now........

..........Your special price is FREE...100% FREE!
*First Come, First Served*
* Limited Space on Live Sessions!

We will also be streaming in YouTube & Periscope (Twitter)
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Live Coaching Call Schedule
90 Minute Sessions*
***Replays Available***

• Monday February 1st at 7:30am PST
• Wednesday February 3rd at 7:30 PST
• Friday February 5th at 7:30am PST

Bonus session: Friday February 5th at 2pm PST

• Monday February 8th at 7:30am PST
• Wednesday February 10th at 7:30am PST
• Friday February 12th at 7:30am PST

• Monday February 15th at 7:30am PST

*Reminder will be emailed out an hour before each session.
Also texted out if you also chose this option.

    Attend Live Sessions & Enter to Win AWESOME Prizes

    We know HOW TO GET RESULTS......and will help YOU do the SAME.

    Our TEAM will COACH you through the entire YOU can be one of the many who actually COMPLETE it and GET RESULTS.  .

    Here is HOW the Giveaway Contest works:

    • Get 1 raffle ticket for EVERY live session that you attend.  
    • Prizes will be announced in the Challenge Facebook Group throughout the Challenge!
    • BONUS:  Attend ALL Sessions to receive 3 Bonus raffle tickets.
    • ​More details on earning extra Raffle tickets on the next page.
    Nathan and Kristi,

    I wish to thank you for sharing the gift of your knowledge, it's already made a magnificent difference in my life in 2019 from where I have been for the last two years of hell.  What I learned from you has released me from challenges that have been far too overwhelming.  I truly and wholeheartedly wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have given to me in 2019. God bless you both and all that you do!  
    - Keith L.
    Atlanta GA
    2021 is Ready for YOU!
    *First Come, First Served*
    * Limited Space on Live Sessions!
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    Ready To FINISH 2020 STRONG?
    Let's Rise Up and Thrive Together!
    *First Come, First Served*
    * Limited Space on Zoom!
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